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At St Augustine's we are committed to safeguarding.

We fully recognise the contribution our school can make to protect children from harm and to support and promote the welfare of all children who are registered pupils at our school.

To view our whole-school policies click here.

For any safeguarding concerns please contact:

School: 01254 823362

If school is closed please contact: Lancashire Children’s Social Care 0300 123 6720 |

In an emergency contact Lancashire Police: 101 or if there is a threat to life call 999

We have prepared a number of resources for both pupils and responsible adults relating to a variety of safeguarding topics.  In the first instance, any wellbeing/school concerns should be directed to your child's Year Leader.

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bereavement counselling


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Emotional Health & Wellbeing


Self Harm

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Online Safety

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Social Media


children bullying

With the holidays approaching, and with an awareness that this can be a difficult time for some of our young people and families, we have put together an up-to-date list of external local counselling and support services on the attached file below.