Please find below more information regarding the wider opening of schools.


Key Worker and Vulnerable Pupils

School has been open for children of Key Workers and Vulnerable pupils throughout the national lockdown period.

Families who wish to be considered for a place under this scheme should complete the relevant online form or contact school directly to check eligibility and request a place (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please click here for the latest form (to end of term).  


Year 10

 Please watch this Youtube video for information on the new routines around school. 

Days for Year 10 Attendance (to the end of term - now confirmed). 

Copies of information sent by email can be found here;        Year 10 New Routines         Information for Families

The latest guidance is that no more than 25% of Year 10 pupils should attend on any one day and therefore Year 10 pupils should expect to attend one day per week. 

There are no plans for other pupils (Y7-9) to attend this term other than those eligible for places under the Key Worker and Priority Pupil schemes.

We intend to invite pupils into school on one day per week and they will be placed into a class "bubble" of approximately 8-10 pupils. The day will be split into three 90 minute sessions with two 30 minute breaks - the times will be staggered to reduce contact with other pupils. Pupils will be in a "bubble" with other children who have taken the same subject in their option choices and will receive some input from a specialist teacher in one of the sessions; where possible this will be their own teacher but this is not possible in all cases. They will be with the same group of pupils all day. The other two sessions will be led by teachers in the core subjects (Maths, RE, English, Science) and will be a mix of review of work completed online, opportunity to ask for explanations of any areas of uncertainty and some teaching of new material.  



Please click for the latest information in the school bus services with amended times for the amalgamated routes.  


Dropping Off / Picking Up by Car

If you are dropping your child off by car, please encourage them to move immediately to the bottom yard as soon as they have been dropped off.

When collecting by car, please arrange a pick up point in advance to reduce the opportunity for children to be wandering around. Sharing of lifts should not be arranged as it is likely to breach social distancing rules. 



Guidance on transport to school.

Expectations on social distancing and behaviour

Staying safe outside the home 

Risk Assessment